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Hinkar Thirtha (Jain Temple)


Hinkar Thirtha jain temple is dedicated to mula nayak, devotees from all around the world visit this temple every year to take blessings of mula nayak.It has an outstanding architecture and the idols and sculptures made in this temple arecarved on granite stone. In every jain temple you will come across the marble pillars that are designed beautifully and have various postures of god and goddess carved on them.It gives you immense pleasure when you see these sculptures and pillars with such an amazing piece of art work.The main attraction of the temple is the Manastambha that is a symbol of respect and it is fabricated on the front part of the temple. The jain temples are built with unique designs in every part of the world for example the jain temple built in south have very different designs than that of those in north region.The main part of the Hinkar Thirtha jain temple is the Gambhara, it is a portion of the temple where the stone carved idols of god are worshipped,and one cannot enter this place without taking bath. Various facilities are provided to the devotees like staying, lunch,dinner etc.The temple is surrounded by greenery. Hinkar Thirtha jain temple is a symbol of Jain culture in Andhra Pradesh.